Traffic and traffic jams in Columbus, Ohio

Information about traffic and traffic jams in Columbus

Watch the operational changes in the traffic situation in the city of Columbus online. Observe the current situation on the city highways in real-time. An online map helps you to find the best route taking into account traffic jams and warns of obstacles on city highways. Using the interactive map, you can get information about:

  • road traffic accidents (RTA);
  • location of speed radars;
  • road blocking;
  • traffic jams;
  • Police patrol locations.

Information is transmitted to the Internet map from car navigators, smartphones, tablets, computers, and other mobile devices (gadgets) equipped with a GPS module. Interactive user behavior (moving the map in any direction, zooming in / out, or other action) instantly updates the data. The electronic card works quickly and stably if the Internet is connected to the device.

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Traffic congestion Columbus in real-time and with a forecast

Do not waste time in a traffic jam - use the online map of traffic jams in the city of Columbus. Why do traffic jams appear on the roads, highways, highways, and avenues of the city? Common causes are accidents, repairs, and other unforeseen road situations. You can see the reason for the traffic jam on our website for free in real-time.

When you hover the cursor over the section of interest, information will appear about the speed of movement of the transport on this section at the moment. According to promptly received data, you can find out the approximate length of the cork, toffee, congestion. Roads are marked with different colors depending on the congestion:

  • green (free passage, no traffic jams);
  • yellow (the road is almost free);
  • red (toffee);
  • dark red (cork).

According to the current information, you can quickly see where the roads are free in Columbus, or vice versa traffic in Columbus is difficult, there are serious many kilometers of traffic jams.

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Do not waste time on traffic jams and busy roads, on our website you can easily and quickly plot a route past the traffic jams, taking into account the forecast.